Bianca Ryan Launches Ciao Bianca

Bianca Ryan Launches Ciao Bianca

Bianca Ryan launches new lipstick line called Ciao Bianca. Bianca says of her launch, ” Thank you all so much for all the support & patience! As you all know, opening up a beauty line has always been a dream of mine since I was even a little girl. It’s been my dream to make products that are affordable and have ACTUALLY GOOD SALES on AMAZING quality products! This is the first product in my LAUNCH and with the help of all your support in this first launch, this line will be able to grow and grow and grow and the products get even better! I’ve worked incredible hard on this and I want to thank my team at Artistical Studios for helping me get this launch together up on my site! It looks AMAZING!  Get your orders in before the holidays! <3 xoxo  SHARE THIS POST! “

Ciao Bianca

Celebmix released an article that showcases the excitement of the launch by Ryan. You can now purchase any of the 23 shades or bundles deals by clicking here.

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