Bianca Ryan releases new single “Plastic Lovers”

Bianca Ryan releases new single “Plastic Lovers”

Bianca Ryan, America’s Got Talent Winner – has announced the release of her new song “Plastic Lovers” with a new engaging lyric video premiering exclusively via her YouTube Channel . Bianca Ryan recently released her first independent EP Part One “The Reintroduction” earlier this year that has gained over 2 Million Streams on Spotify and still growing.  Bianca Ryan will be performing LIVE on America’s Got Talent the Results Show as a special guest performer TONIGHT, Wednesday August 14, 2019 on NBC.  PRESS HERE TO WATCH “Plastic Lovers” official lyric video via YouTube. “Plastic Lovers” is available on Spotify and iTunes

Bianca Ryan states about the song “I wrote Plastic Lovers as a kind of slap in the face to this new generation’s definition of love. With the new age of social media and where it’s going, I just feel like deep and genuine relationships are so hard to find. So I wrote about Plastic Lovers as a kind of deep way to describe it. Everyone wants to be a plastic doll on Instagram. Who doesn’t? I wanted to compare who we are on the internet to the intangible phenomenon of being Barbie or a Toy Solider. I feel like people are enjoying this more superficial and artificial relationships because it leaves them less vulnerable to get hurt. The song is just really talking about that the shallower the relationship, the shorter the fall, and the less you get hurt. That’s why at one part it says:

“You’ll be my toy soldier,

I’ll be jet Barbie we’ll fly through the sky,

If you happen to break my heart,

No tears can come from plastic eyes.”

Bianca Ryan – The Reintroduction – Part One EP, released the same night as her emotional comeback on America’s Got Talent – The Champions, includes previous singles “Say Something”, “Man Down”, “One Day”, and “What I Gotta Do.” Bianca’s music from the collection has captured the attention from popular figures Christina Aguilera, Quincy Jones, Meghan Trainor, Perez Hilton, and Simon Cowell.

Bianca Ryan plans on releasing her a new EP part 2 “very soon”. Bianca continues to be very active on her social media and continue to work incredibly hard as an independent artist writing and releasing all her music through her record label Bianca Ryan Records.

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