Bianca Ryan – Thank you for sticking by me from the bottom of my heart

Bianca Ryan – Thank you for sticking by me from the bottom of my heart

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Thank you for sticking by me from the bottom of my heart

Wow… Where do I begin? I really want to thank all of you for sticking by me from the bottom of my heart; most of you from the beginning back in 2006 when I won America’s Got Talent, others I’ve met you along my journey. Some just followed me for the first time yesterday. The last couple of years have truly been a test to me professionally and personally & with your support I can finally say that I will be releasing my new music this year.

I am currently working on a documentary and down the road a book that explains some of the turmoil that I have been through. Most people think of me as “the girl that won a million dollars.” They think that I don’t need support or help and that I can do everything on my own, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Long story short… I’ve been through incapable management to misrepresenting me to labels, through being declined artistic creativity, through being declined permission to the promotion of new projects and the release of new music due to legal reasons and bad contracts. I’ve had more songs die in legal limbo than I released even on my first album… I’ve had 2 vocal surgeries and a stomach operation to support the vocal surgeries. I’ve been scammed time and time again for my own songs that I wrote.. But this gives me even more strength to keep striving and sharing my creativity with the world and with each and every one of you. If I was doing all of this for myself and my own pride… Trust me, I would’ve chose a different industry than the this one. It can be very sketchy as you all know and a very hard one to learn.


But music to me… is self-less, not self-ish, and I am doing all of this for you. And I get my joy out of making my true fans happy and being the artist that they believed in from day one. I’m learning this business more and more every single day and I’m finding myself as an artist more and more every time I sit at a piano or pick up a guitar.

I am working on the final touches to my new single called….


This song is going to sort of be about my journey throughout the last few years. I would always tell myself, “One Day… one day!” It’s about believing in yourself and not letting people get the best of you and get in the way of your dreams. It’s about how I let the negativity get to me before I told myself that I’m letting go of the people who put a cap on my dreams. Living for the “One Day.”
I can EXCLUSIVELY tell you here that my other singles for this year are titled, “Man Down” and “What I Gotta Do”. There is only positivity moving forward and I hope you continue to stay on this journey with me. If you want to be a part of my online street team please email:

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